Inspiring She Boss Series: Angie Hicks, Founder of Angie’s List

Angie’s Story

Angie Hicks of Angie's List The idea for Angie’s List came from a problem many people faced prior to Angie’s List. Angie Hicks’ boss, Bill Oesterle, needed to find someone to do construction on his home in Columbus, Ohio and Hicks needed to find someone reliable and stat. Hicks and Oesterle based the idea off of another company in Indianapolis. After recruiting 1000 members within the first year, Hicks turned to Oesterle to hep with investors. Shortly after, Hicks and Oesterle purchased the company in Indianapolis and moved their headquarters there. Currently, Angie’s List serves over 3 million people through a paid membership!

Angie’s advice and why it matters to you She Boss! 

“I’m going to be the one to make the donuts. I don’t consider myself a big risk-taker. I was presented an opportunity by someone I had a lot of respect for, and I took it.” – Angie Hicks

Here’s why I love this. Sometimes we think being an entrepreneur means we have to take these massive risks. Reminds me of that saying “no risk – no reward.” Angie Hicks of Angie's List

That’s not totally true! Angie’s List is successful because Hicks saw a gap in the market. She saw a need and filled it. Ladies, we are presented with an opportunity every single day.

Every single day you are able to share your business ideas. You are able to build relationships. You can pitch to bloggers. You can be visible and making an impact.

Those are the opportunities you have every single day as an entrepreneur. It’s
up to you to take them!

I know it’s hard to show up every single day. Sometimes we just don’t feel like it. Life gets in the way a lot.

All I can say is do not let the opportunity pass you by! I promise when you show up consistently, magic will happen in your business!

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